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How We Started


Henderson's Pinestraw has been producing high-quality pinestraw for over 30 years. We began small with our business, spreading pinestraw for the residents of Pinehurst, NC, the golf capital of the world. Soon the demand for our product became so great, we began distributing to garden centers, nurseries, landscapers and other distributors. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality longleaf pinestraw at the best price. 

Superior Quality Long Leaf Pinestraw

Our bales are produced all by hand. We do not use a tractor or machine baler to produce the baled pinestraw because we find that this process produces unwanted debris and dirt and is hard on the environment. We remove the debris prior to raking and then again as it is baled. We only lease private properties for raking so we can remove debris causing trees and shrubs. We keep these properties foliage free, leaving only long leaf pine trees to provide the cleanest pinestraw available. By leasing the same properties year after year, we provide consistently high quality product. Our bales are 100% clean North Carolina long leaf pinestraw.  

Product Information


Our bales are approximately 12" X 15" X 27" and can cover an area approximately 10' X 10'. We offer bale pick-up at our business site. We also deliver trailers that will hold between 900 to 1200 bales. Our trailers may be unloaded by you at delivery or dropped if desired. Dropped trailers held for more than 30 days are subject to a monthly rental fee. We will load trailers for distributors. If you have your own trailer, we can load it in the field. Retail price is $3.50/bale. Please call for more information regarding our wholesale delivery services.


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